About branding with Cristina Norocel

Cristina Norocel is the CEO of Marketing FX Concept.

MarketingFX is an advertising agency supporting companies with : Branding, Online marketing, Communication strategies, Public Relations, Social Media and Graphic Design.

2016 was a good year on which we build a better 2017. The factors that have influenced our development are mainly the general market growth: we had more projects on the existing clients of the agency or projects in which we have budgeted more deliverables. In 2017 we started to take under our wings the communication strategy of an NGO and that was a first for us.

For more than 5 years we “ make “ the brands beautiful for our clients and we always find new ways to revive old brands, create new cool brands and bring them to the market.

Asked what do we think about the trends on branding, I strongly believe that in 2017 audio branding will make waves. Audio is one of the most ignored – or even underestimated – branding resources. In 2017, brands will try to take advantage of consumers’ innate ability to perceive sounds, using audio branding to increase consumer awareness, subtly imparting their brand and product attributes.

Branding becomes multisensory.  Companies will have to take into account the whole consumer experience when they create brands. Besides designing the logo, the way it looks and feels, companies will have to explore the other senses to create unique worlds for consumers.

Employees will be at the heart of the marketing campaign and of a company brand.  Attractive slogans and fun commercials used to be enough for the impact of a brand to be felt. At present, however, consumers care about employees’ opinions and the way they are treated as much as they care about the services offered by companies. In 2017, brands will focus on turning their employees into brand ambassadors and become more vocal to display their services to create positive work experiences.



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